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The challenge facing employers in Belgium

Compliance with Belgian social law, employment law, payroll law and immigration law is a major challenge for many foreign employers seeking to hire staff in Belgium. In this Western European country located on the North Sea and bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, employers must act quickly to adapt to changing labor laws. Smart employers are proactively identifying potential problems when hiring, employing and firing employees.

How to tackle this challenge?

Anyone looking to employ white-collar or blue-collar workers in Belgium is best to inform themselves in advance. How are you going to find this type of information? Yes, on the internet. You have already had a good idea. Because you are visiting the website of Business Belgium where foreign companies can find useful information in setting up business in Belgium and becoming employer in Belgium.

Where to find a practical blog about employment law?

Payroll Belgium

Practical blog about employment law in Belgium

Recently, we have found This is a blog website with a professional look covering subjects like Belgian employment legislation, contracts and policies, labour cost, salary, comp and ben, extra-legal benefits, hiring and firing, working time and overtime, social security, international employment aspects, immigration, payroll etc. Let us have a look at this interesting site and  write a review about it.

Featured posts is powered by experts in Belgian HR, legal and payroll matters. Their contributions can be divided into four main categories: contracts and policies, comp and ben, employment law and immigration. The past months, on a regular basis legal experts have published new articles.

Contracts and policies

Employment contract

An employment contract is an agreement between employer and employee

In easy-to-understand language, the reader is given recommendations that employers should think about when seeking to engage with an employee. In Belgium, it is a legal requirement to enter into a written employment contract with certain categories of employees, such as part-time employees, students, tele-workers and employees who are hired for a definite duration.

Did you know that a tailor-made employment contract is the best guarantee to a long-lasting successful relationship with your employee in Belgium? Find it out in the post Success key 1: employment contract.

An interesting tip for employers who want to be compliant with Belgian law. Do not forget to draw up work regulations even if your staff works from home and the company does not have a permanent establishment in Belgium.

Comp and Ben

Paying employees in Belgium on the same scale as you do in your home country, is not always a good idea. Under Compensation and Benefits you can find tricks how to compose a salary package in Belgium. Due to the heavy tax burden, employee benefits are quite common and popular. A few of these extra-legal benefits are exempt from social security, given that certain conditions are met. A list of the most popular extra-legal benefits can be found under Inspiring tricks for salary package in Belgium.

Another interesting tip for employers. When creating salary budgets, keep in mind that it is mandatory to index wages annually. The percentage and timing of the indexation depend on the joint committee.

Employment law

employment (BusinessBelgium)

Employment law regulates the relationship between employers and employees

Employment law regulates the relationship between employers and employees. It is crucial that a foreign employer are aware of the particularities of social law, employment law and payroll law. Each country has its own legislation. Belgium too. Are you aware that forgetting a dimona declaration can cost you at least € 2,500? How to avoid this is explained in Success key 2: DIMONA declaration.

Also on this website, you can find interesting information about legislation, such as mandatory work regulations for employees.


Immigration is the fourth category on The immigration rules that apply depend, among other things, on a person’s nationality and their purpose of stay. In the post New salary thresholds for work permit as from January 1, 2023, you will find the salary thresholds for work permit, and an overview of the basic principles of a work permit in Belgium.

Conclusion about

We are happy to find this site with general information on social law, employment law, payroll law and immigration law in Belgium. And if you need more detailed information about an article, you can always use the contact sheet at the bottom of the page to contact one of the authors.


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