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Pro-Pay logo

Written by Xavier Norman


Pro-Pay unveiled its marvelous logo a few days ago, and we asked Pro-Pay to explain us about the new Pro-Pay logo.


Pro-Pay logoThe new Pro-Pay logo represents world-class Belgian payroll, HR and legal services. With over 40 years of experience in both national and international companies Pro-Pay guarantees an outstanding service to all employers who wish to centralize their payroll services. Blue collar worker, white collar worker or executive director, Pro-Pay helps you navigate the challenges presented by both local and cross-border compensation and benefits requirements.

Logo Pro-Pay buildingNew look

After 40 years, the company decides to modify their brand name with a modern elegant look. Erik Van den Eynde, Director Business Development explains. The capital letters “PRO-PAY” remain. The familiar dark blue is the main colour like ever before, but was supplemented with a greensea accent in the second part of our company name. We said goodbye to the euro sphere before the company name, although it is now incorporated into the letter “O”.

Payroll, HR, Legal

The base line below the company name is a summary of Pro-Pay’s core business: payroll, HR and legal. According to Erik Van den Eynde, there is a good reason to put legal services in the spotlight. Our approach is unique: we have an eye for the practical consequences of our legal advice. Payroll is our passion and therefore, we interlink as much as possible. This is a important advantage for foreign employers, entering the Belgian labour market.

Social media

Announcement logo Pro-PayThe Pro-Pay logo was presented on social media with an eye-catching rose color. A simple but strong message “Don’t worry, we look a bit different, but it’s still us” supported the announcement to the virtual world.


And for those that have the opportunity to pass by the Pro-Pay offices in Brussels, they will see that the new Pro-Pay logo is prominent on the top of the building. It is visible from a long distance. With a normal (office) life peeking on the horizon, you are always welcome at Sint-Stevens-Woluwestraat 55 in Brussels (close to the NATO building).

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