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Business – Start your business, start your payroll in Belgium. Business in Belgium is what a lot of businessmen, from around the world, are interested in. Belgium, with its capital Brussels, may be a small country, but it is still very attractive, and for a number of reasons.


Business in Belgium starts in Brussels

Geographically speaking, Brussels which is Belgium’s capital, is ideally located at the heart of Europe. For companies from all corners of the world, it is considered to be the gateway towards millions European consumers. Besides, Brussels hosts the headquarters of several multinational companies as well as the EU and NATO. Belgium is highly competitive in terms of corporate taxation. In that regard, the Belgian tax regime provides businesses with generous corporate tax deductions. And last, but not least, it is a great place to live with a rich cultural heritage and a deep-rooted tradition of fine food.

Information to start business in Belgium

Business Belgium ( from around the world are constantly searching for information and advice on how to start a business and become an employer in Belgium. However, when you have found the relevant information, you still have to cope with a series of practical challenges, such as running and doing business, hiring workers, finding an attractive pension scheme or learning to live in Belgium. Local experts are best placed to assist you in dealing with those practical issues. What’s more, they can eliminate many of your worries and spare you a lot of troubles.

Website to assist you to start business in Belgium

For this reason was created. Our website provides useful information to those foreign companies seeking assistance to start business in Belgium, setting up a company in Belgium and run payroll in Belgium. If you need any assistance (or advice), you can still contact our local experts. They are specialized in various fields, such as payroll servicesemployee benefitslawyersocial insurance fundtaxtime and attendancemeal vouchersformalities and housing.

Partners of Business in Belgium

We would like to thank some Business Belgium partners that supported us from the moment this website was launched: Pro-Pay, Life Investment, Edenred, Bodet, BBF, Eunomia and Avixi. We really appreciate this.

Please do not hesitate and fill in the contact form on every Business Belgium partner page. That way, you will get in touch with them!

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