2022 Salary Indexation JIC 200 Surprising

Salary indexation JC 200

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Each year in January, there is an index adjustment of the salaries for the employees resorting under JIC 200. In 2022, the indexation is surprisingly high.

The Joint Industrial Committee 200 (JIC 200), with 450,000 employees, is Belgium’s largest Joint Industrial Committee.

Salary indexation JIC 200Salary indexation is the mechanism whereby salaries are linked to the consumer price index.

The percentage of the salary indexation for January 2022 amounts to 3.58 %.

E.g. An employee’s gross salary amounts to € 2,500.00 in December 2021. His new monthly gross salary as from January 2022 will be equal to € 2,589.50 (= € 2,500.00 x 103.58%).

It also entails that the yearly premium that needs to be paid in June 2022 (if not replaced by an equivalent benefit), will amount to € 277.22.

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