Eunomia, Official Enterprise Counter

Eunomia, Official Enterprise Counter

Starting business

Starting out as a self-employed person or starting your own company in Belgium begins with a visit to a one-stop shop business service also called enterprise counter.

Registration Crossroads Bank for Enterprises

One-stop shop business services are authorized by the Belgian Federal Public Service that deals with economic affairs (FPS Economy, S.M.E.s, Self-employed and Energy) to undertake all the administrative formalities for registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (in English: CBE, or in French: BCE, or in Dutch: KBO) for self-employed persons.

As a self-employed worker, it is mandatory to go through a one-stop shop business service. The category ‘self-employed person’ includes entrepreneurs, tradespeople, self-employed professionals (such as lawyers or accountants), farmers and non-commercial self-employed persons.

Standard formalities of an Enterprise Counter

In Belgium these formalities are, as follows:

  • When you initiate a self-employed activity in Belgium the one-stop shop business service will check that you have satisfied the conditions for setting up a business in Belgium and will arrange your registration with the CBE.
  • Amendments to information supplied to the CBE (commercial objective, address, proof of ability to run a business, …)
  • Cessation of activity or business unit in Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia
  • Application for an itinerant traders or street traders card

Additional services Eunomia

At enterprise counter Eunomia we offer the following additional services:

  • Applying for various licenses and permits you will need for Belgium
  • Registering certain legal documents with the Commercial Court. Not all the needed documents can be registered by the Enterprise Counter. There will be some documents for which you need to contact a notary or an (international) accounting office.
  • Advice on what you need to do to demonstrate that you have the required managerial and entrepreneurial skills to run a business in Belgium
  • Arranging for you to join a social insurance fund (Avixi)
  • Help and advice on applying for a professional card (in Dutch: beroepskaart). We can also make the application for you, in cases where the Belgian law permits this.
  • Registering and unregistering with the VAT authorities in Belgium

Collaboration Eunomia and Avixi

Enterprise counter Eunomia works in close collaboration with the social insurance fund Avixi. This means that the information submitted to the CBE for the purposes of compulsory registration and any subsequent amendments to that information can be passed on quickly and easily to your social insurance fund.

Contact Eunomia now

What makes enterprise counter Eunomia different from other Belgian one-stop shop business services is that we offer a rapid service and will handle your case in a way that is specifically tailored to your particular needs.

To contact an account manager or legal advisor at enterprise counter Eunomia, please send us an e-mail or phone us now.


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