Bodet, your partner for time attendance and access control

Bodet, your partner for time attendance and access control

Company profile of Bodet

Inescapable actor since 1993, Bodet Belgium offers complete, innovative and tailor made solutions for your time attendance and access control! Well known for his high quality products and services, the european leader of time management solutions is present in thousands of companies and municipal authorities in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Bodet Belgium is part of the Bodet Group, who has been leading the market in time measurement products since the 1860s, when clock-maker Paul Bodet first made and marketed his famous Tower clock in France. Over a century of growth, has seen the Group retain its French base and establish five subsidiaries across Europe and expand from clock-making into IT-based Time and Attendance Systems. Today, the Bodet Group exports products and systems to more than 60 countries and is the undisputed European leader in Time Solutions.

Bodet Belgium has the complete and suitable solution according to your needs and your company!

Time management systems

Time and Attendance software (T&A software) is a type of business application designed to track and optimize the time that employees spend on job and keep records of all type of absences.

Today’s digital Time and Attendance systems offer more than the ability to log when employees enter and go. Here is a list of some features and tools that Time and Attendance systems offer:

  • Clocking in and out
  • App for mobile phone
  • Managing work schedules
  • Alerts
  • Detailed reports
  • Interface with other software tools

Master in time management solutions

Managing your workforce is simple with our comprehensive Time and Attendance solutions.

We design, manufacture and install tailor made Time and Attendance Systems and Access Control Solutions. Our solutions enable you to manage your workforce efficiently, increase productivity, reduce HR administration and protect your premises. we can help you resolve the following workforce management issues.

Kelio V4 is our latest version of Time & Attendance Software.

Benefits of Time and Attendance systems include:

    • Reduced HR admin
    • Real-time reporting & late arrival notifications
    • Overtime calculations
    • Rota & Absence planning
    • Job costing
    • Communication to various payroll systems
    • Multilingual user interface

Feel free to contact us to discuss your Time and Attendance requirements in more detail or to arrange a free demonstration of our Time and Attendance systems.


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